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Shantalla Overview


Founded in 2010 in Toronto, Canada, Shantalla provides retainer-based advisory services and project-based research for clients in the public and private sectors globally. Our advisory services and research portfolio includes:

  • Strategy and Policy Advisory
  • Supply Ecosystem Integrity incl. Traceability and Brand Protection
  • Product and Consumer Safety incl. Recall
  • Supply Ecosystem Transparency & Trust
  • Sustainability, Compliance & Governance
  • Supply Chain Standards (GS1)
  • Technology Advisory incl. IoT & Blockchain Use Cases

With key resources in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, our global trusted network allows us to rapidly expand our resources and expertise to help you address specific challenges and opportunities. To support your research needs, we subscribe to multiple sources of market intelligence, academic research, industry reports, and professional articles and deliver up-to-date intelli-briefs.

Our Team

Our Team

John G. Keogh

Founder & Managing Principal

John is an innovative thinker with over 35 years of industry experience. He is currently a Professor of Practice at the McGill University Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics (MCCHE) where he leads research into large-scale, interoperable digital ecosystems for the agrifood sector.

He has lived and worked in Europe, North America, and Asia and held executive roles as Vice President of Supply Chain Management, Vice President of eBusiness/CIO, Managing Client Principal at HP Canada Consulting as well as roles as Practice Principal for Supply Chain, RFID and Manufacturing Solutions. John served as Global Director for Product & Consumer Safety at GS1 Global Office and Senior Vice President of Traceability and RFID at GS1 Canada. Previously John led the European Supply Chain Operations for Networking products and supplies at Digital Equipment Corp. in The Netherlands.

John’s clients range from industry executives to government officials, inter-governmental agencies, enforcement agencies, industry associations, solution and services provider CEOs spread primarily across food, beverage, consumer goods, technology, and services. He is a sought-after speaker, moderator/facilitator, expert advisor, media analyst on TV and Radio, and board advisor.

He holds a post-graduate Diploma in Management, an MBA in General Management, and an MSc in Business and Management Research (with distinction). He holds certifications in Quantitative and Qualitative Quality Control, Production and Inventory Management (APICS CPIM) and is certified in the design and implementation of RFID solutions. He is currently a management science researcher (doctorate) in Transparency and Trust in supply ecosystems at Henley Business School, the University of Reading.

John is a dual Irish-Canadian citizen and resides in Toronto, Canada. He can be contacted at

Megan Keogh

Associate Researcher

Megan provides administration and research support to the team. Megan has developed her expertise in synthesizing complex business and academic literature and provides a vital role in researching and drafting Shantalla’s Intelli-briefs for our clients. Megan was born in the Netherlands, is a dual Irish-Canadian citizen, and lives in Toronto, Canada.

J. Marcelo Gomez

Senior Advisor

Marcelo is a trusted advisor in the private and public sector, and a professor in the applied technology domain. He specializes in strategy, sustainability, traceability, business process innovation, and engineered standards. He participates in a wide range of projects including design and implementation of organizational programs and international business development for exclusive fortune 100 organizations. With a specialization in complex, multi-stakeholder supply chains, he has led projects from food waste processing to research initiatives in supply, demand, and global distribution. He has held academic appointments mentoring MBA students through the MBA Gold Mentoring program at Manchester Business School and acted as an editor with the International Journal Innovation Science (IJIS) in New York.

He holds an MBA from the University of Manchester and an MSc in Business & Management Research from Henley Business School at the University of Reading where he is currently undertaking doctoral research into food supply chain integration and sustainable performance with a particular interest in perishable products. He is an APICS CPIM and is a certified supply chain instructor with APICS and in 2009 he was certified as a food safety consultant. Professor Gomez is Toronto-based and a native Spanish speaker.

Stephane Torres

Senior Advisor

Stephane has over 25 years of business experience and has operated extensively in the Asia Pacific and European markets, delivering successful business initiatives in marketing, business development, and market entry management. He has a passion for connecting people and matching business opportunities. A trained chemist, he has held several executive roles in sales and marketing across the Asia Pacific and worked for multi-nationals and medium-sized companies such as Elf Aquitaine, Atofina & Coates Inks. He has formed business alliances with corporations such as Pirelli Cables, George Fisher, Shell, BP Castrol, Exxon Mobil, Fuchs among others.

Stephane holds two bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry as well as an MBA and a Master’s in International Marketing. Stephane is a native French speaker and a dual French-Australia citizen and resides in Cambodia.

Kevin Dean


Kevin is a Professional Engineer with extensive experience working at the intersection of business and technology, in particular in all aspects of the supply chain, and also in financial and insurance applications. His work includes technology strategy development, application design and development (mobile, web, and desktop), database design, big data analytics, and more. As Special Projects Consultant to GS1 Canada, he is involved in the development of the next generation of supply chain standards and is a member of the GS1 global Architecture Group, which is responsible for technical oversight of all GS1 standards.

His main areas of expertise are:

  • Blockchain and supply chain traceability
  • Internet of Things, in particular, its applicability to supply chain artifacts
  • Big data analytics through the graph and relational database technologies
  • Mobile, web, and desktop application design and development
  • Technology strategy development
  • Supply chain standards development (GS1)

Kevin holds a B.Sc. (Engineering) and an MBA from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and is a Professional Engineer registered in Ontario, Canada. Kevin is a Canadian and resides in Toronto, Canada.

Jeffrey Itell

Senior Advisor

Jeffrey is a geopolitical risk adviser and public management expert who has consulted with numerous large international organizations and governments. He served three years with the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan (2009-2012) and four years with the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany (1983-1987). Recently, he has led and contributed to projects on Brexit, the Arab Spring, conflict resolution, regime stability, terrorism, stabilization, reconstruction, counter-insurgency, governance, accountability, and globalization. His accomplishments include redesigning the United States disaster response plan and the U.S. federal crop insurance program. He has testified before the US Congress on numerous occasions.

Jeffrey was a senior manager in the private sector, providing solutions in enterprise software, disaster and crisis management, academic business enterprises, and real estate. He is a former featured columnist for the Washington Post and regularly contributed as a writer and broadcaster to major newspapers, magazines, television, and radio.

Jeffrey has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science from Buffalo University and a Masters in Public Policy and Administration from Columbia University. Jeffrey is an American citizen and resides in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Jacqueline Wong-Fat

Senior Advisor

With a background in chemistry and engineering, Jacqueline has developed an expansive international career in the chemical industry leading organizational change, supply chain optimization, production, technologies introduction, and sales and marketing strategy in Europe and Australasia. Jacqueline’s deep oil and gas market experience culminated in delivering marketing strategies in the Asia-Pacific region for well-recognized leading chemical manufacturers. The founder of KanStrat Pte Ltd, she is an advisor on market intelligence and marketing strategy in the Asian market with a specialization in energy security, decarbonization, and efficient economies.

Jacqueline is a native French speaker, a joint French-Australian citizen, and lives in Melbourne, Australia. She holds a degree in Engineering from ENSIA, AgroParisTech, a degree in Chemistry from Orsay University, Paris Sud, and an MBA from Monash University in Melbourne. Jacqueline lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Our Partners

Our Partners

Shantalla extends our expertise with talented partners around the globe who complement our portfolio and engage with us and our clients.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Shantalla provides strategic advisory and research capability for clients globally. Our retainer-based advisory provides clients with a minimum of 8 hours per month which can be spread across our resources and expertise. We augment our client’s resources and knowledge and our SAFE framework helps clients achieve a blueprint for success more quickly:


Tackle your challenges with expert advisors and researchers who will assist in formulating and refining your strategic plans and policies.


Ensure alignment with key industry and public sector initiatives and trends to gain a competitive edge.


Access the innovative resources of a nimble team of our global experts and partners when and where you need them.


Gain peace of mind from our timely and effective advisory and research; delivering immediate and measurable results.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Transparent global supply ecosystems that inspire stakeholder trust and deliver safe and authentic products.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To unlock the potential of information exchange and transparency in global value chains to improve stakeholder trust