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Shantalla advisors have served the following groups and areas of expertise:

Public Sector

♦ Advised on policy and practice in anti-illicit trade, anti-counterfeit, traceability, recall, transparency, supply chain security, GS1 & ISO standards in food, CPG and pharma.

♦ Advised on inaugural national Food Protection forum, national consumer information portal for food and interoperability strategy (with industry data).

♦ Advised, moderated and delivered expert briefings to APEC committees in trade & investment, food security, food safety, product safety, customs and counter-terrorism.

♦ Advised and liaised with such international bodies as the EU Commission, OECD, APEC, APEC business advisory council (ABAC), ASEAN, WCO and others.

♦ Participated in APEC Policy Partnership for Food Security (PPFS, 3 years)) and World Bank Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP, 2 years).

♦ Conference and keynote speaker on topics such as supply chain security, food chain transparency, Blockchain in the food chain, Food Fraud, product traceability/recall etc. Conferences included International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA, 2014), inaugural INTERPOL World (2015), Food Industry Asia (Singapore, 2018), Worldbank (Moscow, 2018), Asset2018 (Belfast, 2018).

Solution/Service Providers

♦ Advised CEO’s and leadership teams on trends, go-to-market strategy, solution sales positioning and marketing, partnering strategies, technology, transparency, GS1 & ISO standards including object identification, traceability, interoperability, recall, supply chain security, anti-counterfeit, public policy, regulations and compliance.

Industry Associations

♦ Advised on global strategy for product and consumer safety, industry standards (GS1 & ISO), regulatory compliance, anti-illicit trade, traceability, recall, supply chain transparency.

♦ Led briefings, public policy interventions, and knowledge webinars to members.  Provided subject matter expertise in focus groups and briefings to board of directors and AGM’s in North and South America, Europe, South Africa and Asia.

♦ Participated as expert advisor in ISO standards development committees for consumer product safety: guidlines for suppliers (ISO 10377:2013), consumer product recall (ISO 10393:2013) and anti-counterfeit: guidelines for interoperable object identification and related authentication systems to deter counterfeiting and illicit trade (ISO 16678:2014).


♦ Advised on regulatory compliance, market access, GS1 & ISO standards for traceability, recall, anti-counterfeit and innovations in supply chain and food transparency.

♦ Facilitated dialogue between Chinese ecommerce player, global standards body and inter-governmental agency to improve compliance and consumer safety.


♦ Advised on setting up a greenfield recycling plant in a developing economy including locating venture capital funding, equipment sourcing, regulatory compliance etc.

Thought Leadership on Emerging Trends

♦ Shantalla’s advisors and our partners continue to provide thought leadership, trend reviews and subject matter expertise in international workshops and briefings on food fraud, food safety, food defense, food security, blockchain and IoT use-cases, interoperability, food chain transparency, food chain vulnerability assessments and illicit trade in tobacco, alcohol, food and pharma.